Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Accelerate Time to Value by Using Contractor LabourPRO (CLMS)

Big and medium sized industries frequently use contract labour to meet their demands of manpower and skill. Generally, these contract labourers are provided by contractors who charge the clients on the basis of their skill, time spent, etc.

In cases, where a large number of such contract workers are deployed regularly, the traditional method of keeping track of their attendance leaves a lot of room for skill and time proxies, which add on to the costs of employing such contract workers.

Using a reliable and efficient software solution will help enhance efficiency and eliminate such losses, besides ensuring transparency.

Contract Labour Management Solution is a combination of readily available computer hardware, barcode readers, biometric fingerprint readers, webcams and the software. A typical installation consists of a server where database of all contract labourers is maintained.

Enrollment of the contract labourer can be based on a variety of factors such as skills set, verification, photographs, biometric fingerprints, distinguishing features, validity of the identity cards, etc. Any restrictions such as entry through a particular gate(s) and access to different departments within the factory can be assigned.

The client can then issue identity cards with photographs and smart chips to each of the registered contractual worker, which must be carried for entry into the factory.

Entry and exit points are installed with RFID readers, biometric readers and display screens. On placing the card in front of the RFID reader, full-face photograph and other relevant details will be automatically displayed for the guard to verify.

As a secondary check, when in doubt, the security guard can also check for biometric authenticity of the labourer. The same procedure is followed when the labourer exits the premises.

Clients in most cases will recover the cost of the solution within 3-6 months, especially where the labour strength is large.

The following benefits are likely to accrue:
  •      The probability of payroll inflation by falsifying the records pertaining to the number of workers deployed, their committed hours and their skill gets totally eliminated.
  •     The client gets reports on the time spent by each labourer to enable accurate calculating of billing for various contractors.
  •       It will ensure that the blacklisted workers do not get entry into the work area, even under different identity or through another contractor.
  •      Client can get warnings when a worker is nearing maximum number of days’ attendance after which he will become eligible to various benefits which regular employees are entitled to.
  •       Labourers can be scheduled more accurately, thus minimizing the possibility of excess labour hiring.
  •      Clients can ensure that workers of the desired skill only get deployed.

Currently, So many Government organizations are using this system like Indian Railways, Electricity department, Schools, Educational Societies, etc.   If you want to increase the profit of your organization, you are just a Call Away from the best contract labour management software CLMS.
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